Interested in serving at PLCC or donating supplies? Please fill out this form and one our leaders will be in contact with you within a week. Email us at to learn more.
Please note that to serve in a soul-care position (teacher, youth worker, etc.)  in a ministry you will need to first complete our Experiencing God course. Find out more about this course here.
Currently Seeking Volunteers with Specific Skills:
– All areas of ministry (hospitality, youth, homeless, and more)
– Volunteers to help with construction, HVAC installation and other renovations at PLCC
– Graphic design artists, videographers, and those with web development skills
– Sound, stage lighting, and other support
– Data entry for special projects
– Writers and photographers
– Facilities cleaning
Supplies Needed:
– Love on the Streets ministry serves hundreds of hot meals, bags of groceries, and essential supplies like coats, backpacks, hygiene products, and more to the most vulnerable people in the Bronx. If you would like to donate, please contact us here. 
– Basketball Hoops and Balls for youth group
– Church Van (15 passenger)

Interest Form