“Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens”- Exodus 18:21 ESV


Pastor Diane was part of the original founding launch team for PLCC and serves as the Executive Pastor for PLCC.

Pastor Diane Carrow

Pastor Diane is part of the original founding members of Promised Land Covenant Church and part of the original core team that launched the church plant in the South Bronx with Pastor Mike and Elizabeth. From the earliest days of PLCC, Pastor Diane has served as the Executive Administrative Pastor supporting Pastor Mike in leading, guiding, and coaching ministerial staff. She has been instrumental in organizing and balancing the church budget and forecasting church growth by Pastor Mike’s side. Diane is married to her husband Donald and together they have a 27-year-old son named Devon.

Pastor Diane brings over 20 years of extensive experiences to PLCC from corporate contexts with key positions held at Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and CitiGroup. During her spare time she loves catching up and spending quality time with her HUGE family.


Pastor Donald was part of the original founding launch team for PLCC and serves as the Pastor of worship and creative arts.

Pastor Donald Carrow

Pastor Donald Carrow attended the first gathering of PLCC.  He is part of the original founding members of Promised Land Covenant Church and part of the original core team that launched the church plant in the South Bronx with Pastor Mike and Elizabeth. Pastor Donald has worked closely with Pastor Mike in several ventures. Pastor Donald has faithfully served as PLCC Worship Pastor and Director of Creative Arts. Donald is married to his wife, Diane, and together they have one adult son named Devon.

Pastor Donald brings extensive experiences to PLCC from nonprofit agencies holding key positions at Urban Youth Alliance, Rescare, The Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School, and Fedcap.

Pastor Sonia serves in spiritual formation where she oversees ministries such as Love on the Streets and our partnerships with community organizations like  Angel Tree, Feed NY and more.
Pastor Sonia Iglesias

From an early age, Reverend Sonia Iglesias has always had a love and desire for God. She currently serves as one of the Associate Pastors in the area of Spiritual Formation, where she oversees some of the various ministries at PLCC. This includes ministries such as: Love On The Streets, in which we serve homeless men on a monthly basis, the PLCC Pantry where we give food and clothing to our South Bronx community, which is  located at our second location, the Cypress Campus. This is a ministry in which we are affiliated and partnered with Time Square Church’s Feed NY.  She also holds a weekly Bible study at this campus. She is one of the teachers who instructs one of our required courses in order to serve in ministry, called Experiencing God. Moreover, Pastor Sonia coordinates supply drives for those in need, missions trips, Angel Tree Prison ministry that connects inmates with their children each Christmas and leads the intercessors/altar workers team at PLCC.

Pastor Sonia is an Alumnus of Nyack College’s-ATS, where she received her Master’s degree in Bible and Theology.  She has also had the great privilege of interning at Latino Pastoral Action Center, Inc. in the Bronx,  under the direction of Reverend  Raymond Rivera. Pastor Sonia served with LPAC’s youth; she also helped to set up a curriculum for their summer camp. She has also volunteered and served under their prison ministry.   She is an educator for the Department of Education.  She is also a resident of the Bronx, where she resides with her family.
Pastor Davila serves as the leader of the women’s ministry, Women of Promise, at PLCC.
Pastor Jasmine Davila 
Associate Pastor Jasmine Davila was born in lower Manhattan in August of 1984. She lived there until she was 5 years old, when her family then moved to the Bronx. Her parents, Reynaldo Davila and Vivian Sanabria, were known for their love of music and their community. Her vibrant and energetic parents helped shaped Pastor Jasmine into who she is today.

Pastor Jasmine’s passion for her community developed as she gave her life to the Lord in 2009. She started an outreach ministry in 2010 with Manna of Life ministries and at the same time was director of the Children’s ministry at PLCC for six years. Over the years, her desire to serve those in the community has grown, and she is now dedicated to working with those in the church. Pastor Jasmine serves as part of the Women’s Committee at PLCC, and leads their weekly women’s Bible study.  

Pastor Jasmine married Andres Rodriguez over 12 years ago and has two daughters, Destiny Davila and Kayla Rodriguez. Her favorite saying is: “It may be hard now… BUT it’s all worth it in the end.”
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PLCC’s rich community of committee members, volunteers and supporters celebrate PLCC’s 10 year anniversary of the church in January 2016.